4 Common Errors in the Overhead Squat


This morning our “strength” element at the gym was 5×3 Overhead Squat. I coached the morning classes and in coaching the classes was reminded of some common misconceptions about the OHS and some common errors we see that are relatively easy to fix.

Here’s my disclaimer for the OHS that needs to be put on a banner and plastered all over EVERY Crossfit gmy in the country. The OHS is not primarily a strength-building exercise. Certainly your legs are working and your shoulders and thoracic spine are working but more work is being done to stabilize the weight than move it. Only for the tiny percentage of people out there who are so proficient at the OHS that they are able to load a significant amount of weight on the bar does the exercise become majorly beneficial for strength. For the rest of us out there, the OHS is primarily…

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